Wild West: New Frontier cheats, tips & tricks

Wild West: New FrontierWild West: New Frontier Introduction :

This is a special type of game that has recently been developed to help the gamer in building his or her skills of running a successful farm in the in the Northern America. This game is special because it enables the gamer to build his or farming skills and trading skills in the market. This game builds your confidence and social skills since it enables you to meet people from different parts of the world via Facebook.This game requires you to have a lot of patience so that you can be able to produce more products that will enable you to have more West Bucks.You will only be able to produce higher yields if you manage your farm well by constructing more farm structures and planting more crops that will give you surplus products so that you can trade them in the market.You need to be more enterprising in the game so that you can beat your competitors by having more products to sell in the market.Being an entrepreneur is important too because it will enable you to be a conqueror in the game by building your reputation.

Hence it is important for you to follow the tricks and cheats below so that you can end up being successful.

Save your West Bucks

It is important for the game to be an economist by spending his West Bucks on important projects in the game rather than just wasting his or her resources on useless things. Spend your westbucks in making your granary and barn much better . You can increase the holding capacity of your granary by these west bucks rather than spending them in reducing the time taken to construct the farm structure. This will help you to save a lot on your currency.

Wild West: New Frontier tricks

Socialize with people

It is important for you to have more friends since this game is all about being social. However, there is no need for you to spam a lot of friends from Facebook that will not be of any importance.Follow friends who have bought your products from the market as this will increase the chances of them buying your products again.You can also follow people who sell products at low prices. This is important since there are higher chances of you finding the products that you need with them.
You can also follow players that you previously meet in the game so that you can know the products that they are planning to sell in the market. This will help to have access to incredible deals when they sell their products.

Wild West: New Frontier cheatsPlant each type of plant

It is important that as a farmer you plant every type of plant. This plants will give you surplus products that you can, in turn, sell off in the market to produce more profit.Planting every type of crop makes you special than other players since you will always have what they lack in their farm.
Produce important products only

This is important since it enables you to save your resources by not incurring more planting costs.Ensure that you plant enough plants that will enable you to feed your animals.This animals are important since their products will give you more profit when you sell them.

Wild West: New Frontier gameMaximise the prices of your products

There is no need for you to fear setting high prices for your products in the market.Though your products will take more time in the market to be bought, you need to be patient. This is because the aim of the game is to make you produce more profits from your products.

In conclusion, this Wild West: New Frontier tips and tricks will help you in attaining your goals in the game.

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