South Park: Phone Destroyer cheats, hacks and tips

sp-phone-destroyerSouth Park: Phone Destroyer Tips and Cheats

South Park: Phone Destroyer is a strategy card game that allows you to use cards to defeat enemies and bosses. There are more than 80 types of cards and each card has its own function. Tanks can protect you from damages by absorbing the damages. Fighters card can be useful for attacking your enemies. Assassins card is best for killing nearby enemies while ranged cards is used to kill enemies located in a far distance.

To win the game, you must first build up your card collection. Generally, you should build a balance in your card collection by having a few of each type of card. In this way, you will be well prepared when encountering any type of attack from the enemies.

There are two ways to obtain the cards. You can either purchase them with real money from the ingame stores or look for them for free in the game. Expensive cards have more powerful abilities allowing you to launch a strong attack against the enemies. Cheaper cards are less powerful but that doesn’t mean that they are less effective.

South Park: Phone Destroyer

You should try to take advantage of every possible method that allows you to earn freebies in the game. For example, you can get free cards is to log back into the game every 4 hours. You can set up a mobile notification reminder when it is time to log back in. You stand a chance to get some freebies at the end of each battle. It will let you choose 3 lockers out of the 10 lockers.

If you don’t like the reward in the 3 lockers, you can watch an ad to open an additional locker. Other ways to find freebies include replaying the past challenges at a higher difficulty level so that you can earn more prizes and participating in special events. There are 15 levels of difficulties in each battle. As you move up one level, the rewards get better too allowing you to earn more cards, materials, coins and cash.

You can use the South Park Phone Destroyer cheats generator to generate the coins or cash and use them to purchase the cards you want. The online South Park: Phone Destroyer hack generator only requires you to enter your game account username. There is no need to download anything to access the online hack tool. It is programmed to work on all Android and iOS devices.

You also don’t have to jailbreak or root your Android/iOS devices to access the tool. You are free to access the online hack tool for unlimited numbers of times to generate as many coins or cash you want. As soon as you hit the Generate button, it will go to the server to retrieve the coins or cash and credit them into your account.

In conclusion, you don’t have to be too serious when playing the South Park: Phone Destroyer. Using the South Park Phone Destroyer cheats to cheat in the game can give you more fun. You will never have to cope with the stresses of having to find the coins or cash yourself with the help of the online hack tool.

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