Love Nikki Dress UP Queen cheats and tips for diamonds

Love Nikki Dress UP QueenLove Nikki Dress UP Queen cheats and tips

Love Nikki Dress UP Queen is a game that has been around for a long time worldwide, but is fairly recent to North American audiences. The basics are this is a wardrobe game with a fashion battle style element to it. You collect materials, craft outfits and build styles that score huge points. This is done by mixing and matching articles to create custom looks and outfits. With a 4.5-star rating this is a game that is loved and with 15249 ratings you know that it is only going to become more and more popular! All of these style games are based on regularly logging in, and hitting bonuses along with competing. This is how you are to get ahead and develop your custom wardrobe. But, as always there are ways to do this faster and easier. So, if you want a boast for your game, read on!

Love Nikki Dress UP Queen tips

1. Sharing on Facebook gets you free things!

Game designers reward free publicity, and this game is no different. You can get rewards by linking to Facebook and posting there. Remember to do it often and you can get nice rewards that will help you to build faster.

2. Facebook groups can help.

Joining Facebook groups can help. If you are a North American new player remember that there is a whole world that had this game first, someone out there can answer your question and at times groups
can be really helpful!

3. Use the Facebook app page.

This is a great place to learn about contest and events that are going on or planned for the game. You will not miss out if you make sure that you are in the official loop of information.

4. Item Attributes

Every item has attribute associated with it. This is a super important part to the game as some items work great with others, and some items can make your outfit less effective because it does not
match the rest of the attributes. You will want to watch how mixing and matching different attributes can help you scores and learn what one work well together and what ones do not!

5. Memory button can get you dressed faster!

If you need to get going quick and need an outfit now, the memory button can get you to the last outfit you wore. It can also get you to the outfit that you scored the highest with, and when you are trying to get a higher score that can help you to know what worked before.

6. Build stamina faster on weekend

The more you log in the better. You be boosts to your stamina when you log in both in the morning and in the evening through the week. On the weekend those boosts are bigger! This means that you can get back into the competitions faster and build the wardrobe faster on the weekend. Just another reward for those who keep coming back.

Love Nikki Dress UP Queen cheats

7. Little boxes can be won if you vote/like lots during completions. This gets you coins,diamonds etc.

When you are looking at the outfits, remember to like. This can get you boxes, and those boxes hold extra gifts. It is those coins, diamonds and whatever else you might get that can mean the different between winning and losing! And no one likes losing.

8. Save the diamonds

You will want to save them for when you really need them. Sure, the small diamond cost items are nice to have, but saving them and using them on the big items will get you ahead faster!

9. Decompose items to build other items

This is a creation and swapping game, so try decomposing items. This gives you the basics for building possibly better items. This is how you can make your wardrobe unique and become a star player!

10. Arena swap, you can swap your opponent out!

If you are in the battle it is possible to swap your opponent with the arena swap feature. This can save you from loosing and drive your score higher if you can win by a bigger amount. Do not think it is hiding, but think about it as being sure you can win!

Try some of these out, they might make you game play experience a little better!

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