Lineage 2 Revolution Tricks, tips and cheats

Lineage 2 RevolutionThe Best Lineage 2 Revolution tips and tricks :

Since its inception, the Lineage 2 Revolution MMO, has already become very popular in Korea with an impressive 5 million players. Its going to hit the global market very soon. To give you a smooth start here are some tips for you.


Complete the quests :

Your goal is to finish quests, engage in raid battles, and fight against inbuilt computer enemies, boss battles and other MMO for fun. The good news is that the game can continue to play in the auto-play mode – there are benefits for this. It’s important to move out of auto-play every now and then to enable you get a grasp of your character’s moves. This will help you to understand the special moves and standard attacks.

Claim your rewards:

When your character is at the verge of completing a quest alone, act as the player coach. Take time to go through the menus and claim all the appropriate rewards, while your character is busy fighting or trying to complete a quest. This is the best chance to manage your equipment.

Get familiar with equipment:

You can easily change your equipment by hitting the auto-equip icon. Before this procedure, open every available chest as soon as you can. If you are lucky and open a good box, you’ll have a chance to select the equipment you like. Note that it’s important to choose equipment that will help you on your weak points and a specific purpose. Good equipment can add to your more advanced strategy.

Lineage 2 Revolution

Upgrade your tools:

Upgrade your equipment in various available ways one at a time. You have an opportunity to upgrade it, level it up, boost it, combine it with another tool, improve specific attributes, execute a limit break or even modify the subsets. For every weapon you choose, ensure it’s unique and with the best base stats. This will help you for modification. Alternatively pick the best equipment that suits your character.

Modify your players:

Note that the tutorial is very long. Don’t go through the entire tutorial. This will help you to unlock everything else quicker if you are familiar with MMORPGs. Click the Target button, which rest on the upper left corner of the screen to modify how you act and react to other players. You may choose anything between being a serial killer or a complete pacifist.

Lineage 2 Revolution cheats

Work on your weapons:

Weapons are the easiest way to advance in Lineage 2 Revolution game. Always work on your weapon. If you are able to take your monster fast enough, the more you will have fewer damages on your character. For example, if you spend lots of time finishing a mob, you will be a target of multiple hits.

Keep your CP at about S grade so that you can clear content easily. Use the Advancement Info tab to help you on your weak points. Each component has a color to show you the grade. When you average out and color everything Cyan, you’ll achieve S grade CP.

Gameplay video:


Final words:

Although the passive focus is the best way to go through the game, take one case at a time and work on your active skill for you to clear content. Just like any other game, practice makes perfect. Join gaming forums and learn a lot more.


Written by: Ric Miller

I am a gamer since my childhood. Love to play all types of games. I learned coding afterwards to fuel my gaming passion. This blog is to help fellow gamers with tips and cheats for most games.

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