Kim Kardashian Hollywood – Get more k-stars and VIP guide

Kim Kardashian Hollywood CHEATSHow to get more k-stars in Kim Kardashian Hollywood:


Today I’m sharing ways to get K-Stars in the game, with a special method in the end. So, let’s do it.

The daily boxes are huge. You can get up to 12 K-stars on them. So, if you’re not lucky, my friend, just ask the most lucky person you know to pick a box for you.

The second way does not require luck, but it’s random. You just need to invite the Kardashian Sisters as often as you can to do gigs with you. Eventually, they’ll give you K-Stars. Kim can be invited to any kind of gigs, Khloé can only be invited to photoshoots and Kourtney only for appearances. Once you’re there, you invite them. You’ll get a special action for them. You’ll use it like any other action. But, this time you can get K-stars, my doll. So, you know… just do it!

The third way is completing achievments. When I need K-stars desperately, I’ll just look for the one I’m closer to completing and I’ll focus on it.

A fourth way would be when you go on a date with your spouse (or BF) after they call you and invite you to hang. Usually, I’ll get 1 K-star after that.

The same can happen when you finish a mission. It is random, I don’t know what it is. But, sometimes, when I end a task, I just win a K-star.

Way number 6 would be when you invite a friend do to gigs with you and you reach ‘Industry #2’. You’ll also get 1 K-star. When it comes to dating, the same thing will happen when you complete ‘Dating 1’. And here enters the ‘CeCe Method’ because she came up with this “Speed Dating” thing. So, you’ll pick a random guy and you’ll go on – around 6 – dates with him, until you reach “Dating #1”. When you do, you’ll get 1 K-star. And, after that, all you have to do it delete him.That is all guys. I hope this will help you get more K-Stars.

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Kim Kardashian Hollywood

Kim Kardashian Hollywood- how to get VIP guide :


Hey, Guys. How are you? Today I am going to share a cheat that an IG friend thought me. It allows you to always have VIP contact available using the energy glitch. So, let’s watch it. As you already know, one of the ways of getting K-Stars in the game is inviting the Kardashian sisters to your gigs. First, you need to (get a 5-Star) hang out with them. You invite them to any of your houses or private jet. After that you can invite then to one of your gigs.

But, the downside is… once you invite them to your gig you have to wait several days to invite them again. But… using this glitch, you won’t have to wait. You can invite them right after. And that will give you more chances of earning K-Stars. And I’ll show you how. When you’re about to complete a gig with a vip, you go out of the game, like you’re going to do the energy glitch… But, this time, when you succeed at glitching your game – like this – getting days instead of hours.

You finish the gig, just as I’m doing right now. After you have finished it, you just go back to the clock. Turn the date back to automatic and go back to the game. When you go check the VIP contact again, you’ll notice that she’s available for a hangout. So you can hangout with her and invite her to another gig. And you can do it how many times you want. This is the way to always have a VIP contact available to do gigs with you. Always be careful while using the energy because of the [warning] GLU already gave us. Be safe, enjoy, have fun, get those K-Stars… And we’ll see each other on Sunday. Bye!


Written by: Ric Miller

I am a gamer since my childhood. Love to play all types of games. I learned coding afterwards to fuel my gaming passion. This blog is to help fellow gamers with tips and cheats for most games.

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