Dance War – Ballet vs Hiphop – Game preview and tips

Dance War - Ballet vs Hiphop Dance War – Ballet vs Hiphop:

Dance war is currently one of the best games in the market that highlights the best dancers between two
categories, ballet and hip-hop. With some of the most amazing features, you can decide to join wither team and contribute by giving your best dance moves.

Top features of this game:

Some of these features include the ability to modify your looks by choosing the best makeup and comfortable outfit for the team you decide to join as well as stage decoration features.

There’s also a doctor who assists whenever there is injury and a gym where dancers can work out or practice their moves. With all these features, playing this game is not only interesting but it also allows you to use your creativity in every aspect from dress-up to actual dancing.

You start by creating your character using the control features of the game followed by choosing a team. All these happen in a systematic manner beginning with choosing the outfit, using makeup and decorating the stage followed by practice. The competition is the final stage of the play unless one is injured.

Dance War - Ballet vs Hiphop  cheats

Tips to help you out:

Although it sounds easy, choosing the best dance moves on either side of the competition can be
challenging. Without the right ensemble, you can easily lose the completion. One of the best dance war ballet vs. hip-hop tips to ensure a win is therefore to come up with amazing moves and combine them with the most appropriate outfit.

Doing some research in addition to personal creativity can lead to having the best dancing styles that contributes greatly to a win. You also need to ensure the outfit you choose fits well with your moves and won’t restrict you in any way. Sometimes the wrong outfit is what leads to failure since either you end up tripping and falling thus interrupting the whole team or you find that your movements across the floor It’s very limited. It’s also helpful to use decorations that don’t steal the show.

The focus should be on your dancing so make sure when decorating the sage, you keep interesting enough but not too much that your moves won’t be the center of attention. This game also makes it easy for players to be carried away with the makeup and other features.

Always practice discipline and keep everything in moderation while improving on the most important details that are easy to miss such as the routine and team formation. Remember that it should be a team
effort so try to keep every member involved.

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Dance War - Ballet vs Hiphop  cheats

Final thoughts :

With the with the easily customizable control features, this game gives users a thrilling experience
regardless of whether they like dancing as a hobby or not Being that it’s easy to download and install adds to its greatness, making it a great platform for introverts to enjoy dancing.

The game is also a great place where those who want to pursue dancing as a career can practice before joining real world competition forums. This android game is suitable for mobile devices as well as PCs increasing the range with which it can perform. All android users should therefore download it from the play store and enjoy thrilling entertainment as they hone their dancing skills.

Gameplay video:

Written by: Ric Miller

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